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Super JokerMemo

       FREEWARE  Version 25.3 / Version 26

This is the help site for the game Super JokerMemo. For the download go back to the main site by clicking the button below.

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Super JokerMemo Version 26

This site is still dealing with version 25.3, but the picture (screenshot) below is from the new version, 26, which is different from the picture arrangement, too. Sets are deleted and others put together. More oversight, more fun. The file size is reduced. The program itself changed a bit, too. Since version 25.3 there are rounded picture sets added. The background pictures choice is reduced to enable a quick choice of the best ones.

Super JokerMemo - Freeware

This software is freeware but is not to be sold for any gain. Link to my site or if you want to provide a download on one of your sites (possibly a freeware-site) ask for permission. It is the software and site of an academic artist from Cologne, Germany. Contact: kuenstlera_at or any other email address on any of my sites.

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