During the game the buttons are deactivated and the name box appears


The header (here in Spanish) shows information for the current game. Including the name of the player whose turn it is, as well as his current score in brackets.

The upper right shows the cards that are still to be found. 16 cards, 1 Joker and a bonus card.

The closed eye shows that the buttons are switched off. By clicking on this button, they are switched on again. Also during the game if you need those buttons.

Why do the buttons turn off? Because you do not want to accidentally click one during the game and because there is a need of empty space during the beginning. You have to click on the background to turn cards or empty space. And if there are not yet enough taken away by players you will need some extra space.

The row of buttons: activated or deactivated by the eye-icon (button)


The header (here in Spanish) before the game starts and during the game when you turn on the buttons (with the eye button).

The two blue text fields on top display information - depending on what is needed. Whether before, or during the game will differ. On the right top the numbers for Cards/Joker/Bonus.

The 3 keys marked with a red line  affect the game. The blue ones select pictures or themes. The keys underlined yellow are for information and assistance. The green 3 offer options and functions.

The girl who opens the door (right top) on this part of the program means leaving the program. Withou a yellow arrow - see on the bottom of this page. The hand is the mouse cursor with which one operates the buttons, or selects cards during the game.

General buttons

Exit page

A frequently appearing button to exit a feature or page.

Exit program

The same button, but with yellow arrow. This means that you can leave the program yourself.


Eventually additional information.

The Buttons, Sorted in Threes. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

© Hans Jürgen Hubert Stoffels - Köln (Cologne, Germany)

Freeware: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Nederlands