Groß / Large / Grande
Names and list of names, Players

Name list: There are 6 different files for the names. So you can make 6 compilations. Friends, relatives, class ... whatever. These are to be saved during processing with the arrow key. By clicking on the thumb-up icon is saved anyway.

Enter name: The cursor hand points to the pen. With it you can empty the white field. There you write in names that you want to add. At the top you also click on a pen to transfer the name into the field. So you expand your list. The pen below is intended as an eraser only - for the white input field. The upper pen to enter the name written below (or the field blanked) above. You confirm the setting with the thumb-up-key.

Select people for the game: Click in the name fields to select the players. The active players will light up brightly.

 ABC  : Sorts the names alphabetically - regardless of the players.

 AB: Sorts the names alphabetically, but puts the chosen players above.



How to Change the Name of the 6 Lists

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